Bell & Ross

For many decades, Bell & Ross Replica Watches were largely known for its squarefoot, pilot-inspired replica watches. But not everyone needed to wear such a big and daring 46mm replica watch (the BR-01) and what became a true icon of modern watchmaking could have become a trap for the new. Bell & Ross needed to evolve. This was the mission of this"Vintage Collection". Entirely redesigned in 2017, this year the manufacturer adds a couple of classic elements to produce this collection even sexier, with that the Steel Heritage. Today, we take a closer look at the BR V2-92 Steel Heritage.

A replica watch brand just can't rely on a single watch/collection, at least when it has the ambition to market more than only a couple thousand pieces per year. If having a genuine identity shared with all models is a must, a single concept/design is dangerous -- believe Panerai, for instance. Diversity combined with consistency is key. Knowing the BR-01 and bell & ross BR-03 replica watches -- what B&R calls the"instrument collection" -- were both success factors and possible threats, the Parisian-based brand had to evolve, to bring something fresh, different, yet consistent with the DNA generated through recent years. This was the mission of the Vintage collection. However, moving from such a strong design -- the"circle-within-a-square" view -- into something more traditional, without sacrificing the idea behind the brand, demanded a couple of actions.

Nearly ten decades ago, Bell & Ross replica watches launched its very first Bell Ross BR 01 replica Skull and created a lasting impression by dividing with conventional watchmaking codes. The Bell & Ross replica Skull household has since turned into an iconic collection and welcomes this year, a new variant of this cool outstanding idea.

There's indeed a very long and rich tradition between skulls and time. Besides an undeniable reference to pirates, this emblematic view symbolizes the army principles, particularly those from the paratroopers of the World War II to remind how exposed they were to danger. 

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